Monday, March 13, 2006

Two Tourney Wins on the Same Day...

Ok, Saturday was a good day for me in LOTR TCG:

In the morning, I traveled to Eindhoven and participated in an Expanded Middle Earth draft. I got the Ranger/Orc set, which I wasn't too thrilled about at first, but then I realized that Horror of Harad is a beast if played properly. Due to the lack of an included draft pack, we were using 2 Shadows packs in addition to 3 Bloodlines packs. So in the draft, I was focusing on getting cards to support these two cultures, if at all possible. I was focusing early on drafting usable companions and was fortunate to have a Shadows Theoden passed to me, which I kept. Then in my next pack, I got a (foil) Bloodlines Eomer! Very nice. Then I was able to accumulate 3 x Ride with Me, which is a very nice pump when used with Theoden. I also managed to pull a Sauron (WOW!) and a (foil) Porter Troll. Bloodlines copies of Faramir and Isildur were passed to me and I jumped on them, along with a Kingsfoil for Faramir's text. :-) I also managed to pull 2 orc culture pumps and a copy of the shadows orc that lets you pull events back. All this combined to allow me to assemble a pretty decent deck that really beat down fellowships while keeping my own alive and kicking. I won all three of my games in shadow kills, and was basically co-winner with another player, which was nice. The keys to my wins were basically due to the fact that I had four damage +1 and fierce minions in it, I think. After a fun day of drafting and playing, I headed home....

Safely at home, I joined the early constructed tourney online, and was able to win that in 3 rounds with a build of the Noble Leaders deck I built in the article below. :-)


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