Monday, April 04, 2005


I've been messing around with this deck since the rotation. I had seen Mithrandir version of Gandalf and wanted to build a deck around him. Using Elrond, Elven Lord with 2 of the artifacts available to Gandalf seemed like a good way to offset his cost. So far, it's a fun deck, but the major weakness has been site patch control. It did ok before the PSQ, but afterwards, with all the Corsairs running around, it doesn't do nearly as well. Amazing how a PSQ can change the face of the meta. Regardless, I'd like to hear what others think.


Ring of Rings


Arwen, Staunch Defender


The Angle
Fangorn Glade
Hill of Sight
Neekerbreekers' Bog
Caras Galadhon
Old Forest Road
Trollshaw Forest
North Undeep

Free Peoples (33+2):

Gandalf, Mithrandir x 4
Elrond, Elven Lord x 2
Naith Warband
Legolas, Companion of the Ring

Axe of Erebor
Ring of Fury
Gandalf's Staff, Ash Staff
Narya, Ring of Fire
Naith Longbow x 2
Hadafang x 2
Asfaloth, Elven Steed
Elven Sword x 3

All Save One x 4
Company of Archers x 2
Traveled Leader x 2
Roll of Thunder x 2

Shadow Between

Shadow (35)

Ulaire Cantea, Black Assassin
Ulaire Enquea, Thrall of The One x 4
Ulaire Toldea, Thrall of the One x 2
Ulaire Toldea, Black Shadow x 2
Ulaire Nelya, Thrall of the One x 3
Ulaire Cantea, Thrall of the One x 2

Shadowy Mount x 4

Dark Swooping Shadows x 3
Minas Morgul Answers x 2
Between Nazgul and Prey x 2
Echo of Hooves x 2
Dark Approach x 3
Keening Wail x 2

Lost in the Woods x 3

Freep: The idea is to bid to go 2nd so you can determine the site path to make both Arwen the tank, while burdening/enduring Nazgul with Lost in the forest can slow down you opponent and add some burdens.


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