Saturday, April 16, 2005

This is a screenshot of the winning entry for the recent Contest Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"I am Hans, and dis is Franz, and ve awr going to PUMP you up"

Results from the strongman competition are in. Winner is Ezhaeu (again). Here's his description of his winning deck..
We used the old Durin III (str 7), put 4 items on him that gave a basic +4 and another +4 because of his special ability. The we used 4 Mountain Homestead (total of +8 on a mountain site) and 4 Confronting the Eye (for another +4) that we were able to put because of Boromir Ring-Bearer. The last +1 comes from the Gimli's battleaxe/ trusted weapon that gave him +1 since we added two threats with the Knight Spear on Boromir. Total? 28!

You can put our two names (Ezhaeu and JoseR). We will split the 2 packs if we win.
Another example of great teamwork! Limiting the companion to only 1 (Durin) ensured the average was as high as possible. To all the other contestants that entered, thanks! It's good to have this be an actual competition. New contest to come soon.

Also, I am planning something of an unofficial tournament, but I need to know if there's enough interest. I would take names and create matchups, and you would report back to me. I am looking to aim this format at newbies and those wanting to play other formats, such as no rares. There would be no cost to enter, and prizes TBD. If you would be interested, send me an email at grashopper2001 *at* yahoo dot com .. NOTE: There's only 1 "s" in Grashopper

Until next time, out.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This is your Fellowship on Steriods...

Ok, this week's competition is another puzzle-type in honor of a steroid-free baseball season starting. ;-) Again, this one is based on companion strength, but this time to encourage a playable deck build, I will only be awarding the fellowship player. Basically, I want to see who can build a fellowship with the highest average companion strength in the fellowship phase. The ring bearer will not be factored into the average, so feel free to use your Frodos and your Galadriels. Be sure to follow the guidelines below. Here are the rules and prizes:

  • You may have as many companions as you like, but remember I am looking for the highest average strength in the fellowship phase. This means if you have for example 4 companions of strength 14, 16 10, and 4, their average strength will be 11. The ring bearer will not be factored into the calculation. This also means your screenshot should show you in the fellowship phase. If you are taking the screenshot during a skirmish, you are wrong.
  • Screenshot should be in .jpg or .bmp format. Jpg format is preferred.
  • Send me a screenshot of your fellowship at grashopper2001 *at* yahoo dot com
  • Along with the screenshot, I need a short description of what cards you used to get your fellowship all pumped up.
  • All entries must be received by 1159 pm EST on Monday 11 April 2005 to be considered.
  • If you want your winning deck posted, send that to me as well. If not, don't. It's your choice.
  • Winner will get 2 packs of their choice.
That's it! Good luck to all. I'm looking forward to seeing some juiced-up fellowships in my inbox.

Monday, April 04, 2005


I've been messing around with this deck since the rotation. I had seen Mithrandir version of Gandalf and wanted to build a deck around him. Using Elrond, Elven Lord with 2 of the artifacts available to Gandalf seemed like a good way to offset his cost. So far, it's a fun deck, but the major weakness has been site patch control. It did ok before the PSQ, but afterwards, with all the Corsairs running around, it doesn't do nearly as well. Amazing how a PSQ can change the face of the meta. Regardless, I'd like to hear what others think.


Ring of Rings


Arwen, Staunch Defender


The Angle
Fangorn Glade
Hill of Sight
Neekerbreekers' Bog
Caras Galadhon
Old Forest Road
Trollshaw Forest
North Undeep

Free Peoples (33+2):

Gandalf, Mithrandir x 4
Elrond, Elven Lord x 2
Naith Warband
Legolas, Companion of the Ring

Axe of Erebor
Ring of Fury
Gandalf's Staff, Ash Staff
Narya, Ring of Fire
Naith Longbow x 2
Hadafang x 2
Asfaloth, Elven Steed
Elven Sword x 3

All Save One x 4
Company of Archers x 2
Traveled Leader x 2
Roll of Thunder x 2

Shadow Between

Shadow (35)

Ulaire Cantea, Black Assassin
Ulaire Enquea, Thrall of The One x 4
Ulaire Toldea, Thrall of the One x 2
Ulaire Toldea, Black Shadow x 2
Ulaire Nelya, Thrall of the One x 3
Ulaire Cantea, Thrall of the One x 2

Shadowy Mount x 4

Dark Swooping Shadows x 3
Minas Morgul Answers x 2
Between Nazgul and Prey x 2
Echo of Hooves x 2
Dark Approach x 3
Keening Wail x 2

Lost in the Woods x 3

Freep: The idea is to bid to go 2nd so you can determine the site path to make both Arwen the tank, while burdening/enduring Nazgul with Lost in the forest can slow down you opponent and add some burdens.

Today's News

New contest will be put up in the next 24 hours. I'm also looking for volunteers to help me come up with a good puzzle idea. Post a comment here or email me @ grashopper2001 *at* yahoo dot com if you want to volunteer. Also be aware if you volunteer, you are not eligible to win a prize from the contest that uses your idea.
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